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Safe Schools Incident Reporting

SafeSchools Alert is an online incident reporting system that lets students, staff, parents, and community members confidentially report safety concerns and suggestions to school administration 24/7/365.
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Spanish Newsletter

A medida que comienza el Año Nuevo, es hora de que todos pensemos en nuestros objetivos. Por favor ayude a su hijo a establecer metas para 2018.
¿Cómo establecemos metas?
Pregunta las preguntas
A. ¿Qué quiero seguir haciendo?
B. ¿Qué quiero cambiar?
C. ¿Cómo voy a hacer que esto suceda?
2. Anote objetivo (s) específico (s).
3. Mantenlo simple.
4. Escriba los pasos de acción.
5. Charla positiva - Puedo hacer esto ... palabras alentadoras
6. Celebra el éxito
7. Sea un modelo a seguir: su hijo lo verá alcanzar sus metas
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Penny Drive

Congrats Larson! We raised $580 in the Penny Drive and it was donated to the Moses Lake Food Bank!
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January Newsletter- Setting Goals

As the New Year begins it is time for all of us to think about our goals. Please help your child set goals for 2018.
How do we set goals?
Ask the questions
What do I want to keep on doing?
What do I want to change?
How am I going to make this happen?
Write down specific goal(s).
Keep it simple.
Write down the action steps.
Positive self talk – I can do this… encouraging words
Celebrate success
Be a role model – your child will watch you achieve your goals
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